Contact Details

Forschungszentrum Jülich
ICS-6: Structural Biochemistry
52425 Jülich
Telefon: +49 2461 61-9477

Curriculum Vitae

since 2016
PhD student at the Computational Biochemistry Group at ICS-6: Structural Biochemistry, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.
The PhD is funded by the China Scholarship Council.

2013 - 2016
MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Qingdai Agricultural University, China. The MSc thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Juan Du.

2009 - 2013
BSc in Applied Chemistry at Qingdao University, China.


  • Fellowship of the China Scholarship Council, 2016-2020.
  • National Scholarship for Graduate Students, 2015.

Research Interests

  • Protein structure and function
  • Computer aided molecular design


Computational Study of the Binding Mechanism of Actin-Depolymerizing Factor 1 with Actin in Arabidopsis thaliana
J. Du, X. Wang, C.-H. Dong, J. Ming Yang, and X. Jun Yao
PLOS ONE, 11:e0159053 (2016) [link]

Structural and Dynamic Basis of Acid Amido Synthetase GH3.1: An Investigation of Substrate Selectivity
X. Wang, J. Du, and X. Yao
Mol. BioSyst., 11: 809-818 (2015) [link]